Andy Lowe | Zimbabwean Wildlife Photographer | About
My passion for photography started in 2006, when I took the plunge and invested in my first DSLR. Since then, I've never looked back and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey which my photography has taken me on. With my camera in hand, I can spend hours out in the bush trying to find, and then photograph that rare, magical moment most people never get to see. 
Born and raised in Zimbabwe, and having spent much of my childhood exploring the outdoors, I would say that the Zambezi Valley is one of my favourite parts of our beautiful country. There is nothing to beat the first rains in the valley, and the sense of freedom when you’re out in the bush one on one with nature. It’s there in the Zambezi Valley that I’ve captured some of the most unusual moments, like an awesome mid-morning standoff between a young blue-eyed leopard and a defensive veteran porcupine.
Over the years, my style has progressed from just photographing the subject, to capturing the emotion in a moment which lasts only for a blink of an eye, but remains in your memory for a lifetime.
Although wildlife is my forte, I have also spent time with the less fortunate old folk who live in remote rural areas of Zimbabwe. There is something so genuine about these old people, a story of life lies within their wrinkles, their gaze, their smiles, and frowns. Something unique that captures your imagination and speaks to your heart.
Zimbabwe has such beautiful untouched wilderness to offer, and my photography is one of the ways I am able to share this with others. Personally, however, the most rewarding aspect of my photography is the ability to contribute back - be it to conservation or the individual.